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deckon-logo2All retail stores, offices, gyms, shopping centers, government offices and the beginning of the use of our products to not give up all areas of life like this “ceiling” systems are becoming. In Turkey, many companies suspended ceiling systems in terms of professionalism and execute quality remains unfortunately lacking. You today “suspended ceiling systems,” a company that made a name for itself in the often – I want to talk about yourself Deckon’s Ceiling Systems (

Company suspended ceiling systems on a highly professional and able to meet all needs related to the sector. “Deckon’s Ceiling Systems” If we are to the services that will summarize;

  • Metal Ceiling Systems
  • Honeycomb Ceiling Systems
  • Mineral Fiber Ceiling Systems
  • Wooden Ceiling and Wall Systems
  • Perforated acoustic plasterboard and plaster Systems
  • PVC stretch ceiling systems
  • Structures


As can be summarized.

Deckon is one of the issues to be assertive in the Ceiling Systems “wood panel” to come. What are we going to ask, is this wood panels; Office, showroom and used in areas such as the lobby, and the system gives a natural look to the places we can say. “Acoustic panel” and “wood panel” systems are also preferred.

Linear ceiling in one of the Ceiling Systems Deckon’s areas of expertise: the characteristics of this ceiling system that can be disassembled completely, it is very ambitious about the robustness and create a decorative addition to the fine image.

Deckon the reference section of the website tells us a lot Ceiling Systems …

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